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  • Title:The Power of Love
  • Artist:Dalton Harris;James Arthur
  • Album:The Power of Love
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    作曲 : Peter Gill/Holly Johnson/Rudy Pérez/Brian Nash/Mark O'Toole
    作词 : Peter Gill/Holly Johnson/Rudy Pérez/Brian Nash/Mark O'Toole
    Dreams are like angels
    They keep bad at bay
    Love is the light
    Scaring darkness away
    I'm so in love with you
    Make love your goal
    The power of love
    A force from above
    Cleaning my soul
    Flame on, burn desire
    Love with tongues of fire
    Purge the soul
    I'll protect you from the hooded claw
    Keep the vampires from your door
    When the chips are down, I'll be around
    With my undying, death-defying love for you
    Envy will hurt itself
    Love is like an energy
    Rushing in, rushing inside of me
    This time, we go sublime
    Lovers entwined, divine, divine
    Love is danger, love is pleasure
    Love is pure, the only treasure
    Cleaning my soul (Cleaning my soul)