• Title:MAMA
  • Artist:6ix9ine;Nicki Minaj;Kanye West
  • Album:DUMMY BOY
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    Murda on the beat so it's not nice!
    Tiki Taki, Spanish mami, she a hot tamale (Hot)
    Make her spend that money, dummy, go retarded for me (Pop it)
    Pop it, pop it, she get started, she won't ever stop it
    Little thottie, got her rowdy, choosing everybody
    Splish, splash, Apple Bottoms make that ass fat
    She got that wet wet,
    Got me blowing through this whole bag (Bag)
    She got Bs, spend some cheese, now they double Ds
    Thought I had to free, kick her out,
    My mama coming home at three
    Ho thicker-thicker-thicker than a ****in' Snicker
    Drug dealer, professional pot whipper
    In the winter, buy your ho a chinchilla (Grrr)
    I just bought my bitch them Kylie Jenner lip fillers
    Man, oh my God
    She Instagram famous but she can't keep a job (Ooh)
    Swipe her 30-inch weave on her sugar daddy card (Ooh)
    Her doctor got her busting out her mother****in' bra (Mmm)
    She Uber to a nigga with no car
    Talking about the relish, I do not embellish
    Jacket got wings, True's got propellers
    Gave all my old Margielas to my boy Marcellus
    Pulled up with no laces, had the whole block jealous
    Oh, Jesus Christ, I don't need advice
    Wild nigga life, tell 'em read my rights
    Man it hot tonight, look out with my ice
    15 in the game, baby girl, I got stripes (Huuh)
    Ka-Ka-Kanye dressed me up like a doll
    Then I hit 6ix9ine, tell him give me the ball
    Bitch, this the dream team, magic as I recall
    Whole squad on point, bunch of Chris Pauls (Chris Pauls)
    I was out in Spain rockin' a Medusa head
    I ain't never have to give a rap producer head
    If I do though, I'ma write a book like Supahead
    This ain't wonder that I'm making, this that super bread
    Splish, splash, **** him in a hurry, quick, fast
    Still a pink wig, thick ass, whiplash
    Got him cummin', cummin', Roger, over, dispatch
    Said my box is the best, he met his match
    I got all these bitches wantin' to be Barbie dolls
    Barbie Dreamhouse, pink and purple marble walls
    Pull-Pull up in that Barbie 'Rari, finna bury y'all
    She threw dirt on my name, ended up at her own burial
    Kanye dressed me up like a doll
    Whole squad on point, bunch of Chris Pauls
    Bitch, this the dream team, Fif' is on call