• Title:KIKA
  • Artist:6ix9ine;Tory Lanez
  • Album:DUMMY BOY
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    Bitch, we in the city on that hot shit
    Lookin' for a biddy on that thot shit
    Y’all ain't getting money, nigga, stop this
    I been 'round the globe talkin’ hot shit
    I do my own stunts, Jackie Chan with it
    Y'all ain't getting money, nigga, stop this
    I been 'round the globe talkin' hot shit
    I do my own shit, I don't need 50 niggas to roll with
    Folk shit, I'm on my doley, I’m on my boss shit
    I do my own shit, **** all them niggas I used to roll with
    I know you used to see me with niggas,
    But that’s that old shit
    Real nigga, quick to pull a ****ing trigger
    Fed nigga's definition of a real nigga
    **** nigga, quick to ****in’ hate, nigga
    Bitch nigga, definition of a bitch nigga
    Now wildin', ready for all the violence
    I don't need a nigga jacking that he riding
    I got this four fifth, this shit all up on my hip
    I blow that shit, now you where Bobby Shmurda's hat went!
    Lookin’ for a biddy on that thot shit
    Kick her out, I'm gettin' money now, actin' funny now
    Thought she love me, but she only tryna **** me for the clout
    Saw the Patek all bust down, charter run down
    Bitch hit me on a touchdown, but I curved it
    They be beggin' me to keep the bitch,
    But I don't need the bitch
    Ray Charles, John Cena shit, I can't see the bitch
    In the DM sendin' naked pics, Uber that bitch
    But I send her in the pool even though I'm rich as shit
    It's ****in' Tr—
    Oh wait, I forgot you can't say that shit
    You can say everything else that start with a T, though
    It's ****in' Trojan
    It's ****in' Target
    It's ****in'—