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  • Title:Birds in the City
  • Artist:Lola Coca
  • Album:The Only Child
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    You're a grown man of thirty-five (thirty-five)
    Who ain't concerned with time and still wastes mine
    Soon as you put me in the dinghy
    Out the blue I'm too clingy
    Wah... you took me for the ride all along
    I tried to take it all in my stride
    Ergo my face of chipped pride
    A single dove is hard to find
    And this ain't the sea side
    Now I'm a bird in the city
    And, if you think I'm so pretty
    Why, why do I spend my nights alone?
    And, I'm singin'
    Aah~oo~da~ ×3
    Birds in the city
    Aah~oo~da~ ×2
    (Some birds aren't meant to be caged)
    (Their feathers are just too bright)
    Aah~oo~da~ ×4
    I ain't tryin' to have a fight tonight (uh-uh, uh-uh)
    Gorillas holla from the building side (oo, ah, ah, ah, ah)
    And, I ain't even tryin' to hear it
    Now their callin' me a bitch (gasp) ah
    Damned if I do or when I don't (when I don't)
    I don't care if its a Hummer or Rolex (dada)
    White front or all over (dadadadada)
    But in card or cash or bouncing checks
    Leave the dishes served with disrespect