• Title:Save The Day
  • Artist:Ski Mask the Slump God;Jacquees;Coi Leray;lougotcash
  • Album:Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (Soundtrack From & Inspired by the Motion Picture)
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    I pull up and save the day
    Don't want any problems, I'll be your call of play
    I'm ready for action, flying without a cape
    I'm one of one, they'll never beat me,
    They'll never beat me
    'Kay, okay how could I forget? (Ayy)
    It takes some courage to bet (Ayy)
    That must be why you in debt
    You take the bait and get caught in the net (Ayy)
    Evil will never prevail, suckers
    When there's a war, never fail to prosper
    Came from the ground to the top, helicopter
    I go hard just like the shell of a lobster
    They all missin' the message
    All of these people sayin' that they want the treasure
    Careful of the wishes you make up on your blessings
    Because the devil in you is plottin' against you
    And you'll find that your worst enemy is within you
    You could still be adopted even though you a sibling
    I'ma paint a vivid picture for all the children
    It's about time that we change how we livin',
    I get my prints in the ceilin'
    (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)I'm one of one,
    They'll never beat me,
    Look at the way I take off
    I gotta stay focused and shoot for the stars
    I got 'em on watch and they know where we are
    I know where I'm headed, yeah I'm goin' far
    Yeah I'm goin' hard and they ain't gon' stop me
    It's me and my friends and I know that they got me
    We levelin' up, goin' up like a rocket
    We savin' the day and nobody gon' knock
    Yeah we all the heroes, can't get with the fake
    I been through a lot, had a lot on my plate
    Got no fear in my heart 'cause I know that I'm brave
    (Nah, nah)
    Never gave up, kept my head in the game
    You gotta just trust me and lemme come guide you
    If you ever get lost, then I'll come back and find you
    I think they forgot so I had to remind 'em
    Climb all the way to the top like a spider (Yeah)
    Look, I pull up and save the day
    I gotta do that in a major way (Ooh, ooh)
    Who gonna save the day?
    You callin' my phone, just a page away (Brr, brr)
    You can call me, you can beep me (Ring)
    'Cause I promise you that nobody could beat me (Yeah)
    I know everything there is that you could teach me (Hey)
    On a bad day, a villain can't defeat me (Ooh)
    Don't sign up (Yeah) for this contract (No)
    You don't want that, you don't want the contact
    (Don't want the contact)
    I'm on a building, you better get your hard hat (Yeah)
    Everybody gotta fear when there's combat (Hey)
    Let 'em stand up, good, bring 'em to (Ooh, ooh)
    Have you hangin' off a web, I could save you too (Yeah)
    That's what I do, you relate to
    When I pull up, everybody pray through