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  • Title:Invincible
  • Artist:Aminé
  • Album:Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (Soundtrack From & Inspired by the Motion Picture)
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    I wanna fly right now
    I wanna see all my homies get down
    I wanna feel like I can't come down
    I got a dream so I can’t stop now
    I wanna, I wanna fly right now
    I got a dream so I can't stop now
    I gotta stop feeling invisible and start feeling invincible
    Hey, feeling impossible
    The hardest thing is believing in your dreams
    Stop feeling invisible and start feeling invincible
    I feel like a stranger to myself
    And sometimes that feels dangerous
    But I’ll bet you'll see me
    For who I truly am, maybe not if it wasn't bland
    Some days I look in mirrors and I wonder who's that man
    Ah yeah, ah yeah, ah yeah, ah yeah
    All my people gather round, I'm here to inspire (True)
    If you runnin' on E, I'll put the fire in your lighter (Yeah)
    Black Hollywood never started and it's over
    People only care when you’re Denzel or Oprah (Yeah)
    Kosher, holster, make my homies bolder (Woo)
    When your fear’s near, you don't wanna get closer (No)
    Rappers sound the same so they chains gettin’ colder (Yeah)
    Women, claim your boy for some credit and some doja (Hey)
    Hold up, that's just how we make it (Yeah)
    Black never breaks so your patience gotta face it (Damn)
    Know my life matter, but my matter keep on achin' (True)
    This a warning, never conforming (No)
    The hardest feeling is believing in your dreams