• Title:Elevate
  • Artist:DJ Khalil;Denzel Curry;YBN Cordae;SwaVay;Trevor Rich
  • Album:Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (Soundtrack From & Inspired by the Motion Picture)
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    Stepped out of my zone (My zone)
    I had to get out all alone (Alone)
    And figure it out on my own (My own)
    And I know what I really want now
    Can't stop me, can't break me (Can't break)
    What don't kill me, gon' make me (Gon' make)
    Shoot for the stars, no safety (No safety)
    And now I see clear in HD
    Gotta go hard (Gotta go hard)
    I ain't got time to waste (I ain't got time)
    I gotta go high (Gotta go high)
    I gotta elevate (I gotta elevate)
    They wanna fight (They wanna fight)
    I'm just gon' let 'em hate (I'm just gon' let 'em hate)
    You better choose a side, you gotta choose a side
    You gotta pick
    You better do what's right or you gonna lose the fight
    You gotta (Gotta go hard)
    You better choose a side,
    You gotta choose a side (I'm just 'gon let 'em hate)
    You gotta pick (Gotta go hard)
    You better do what's right
    Or you gonna lose the fight (I gotta elevate)
    I'm a web-slinger to a gunslinger
    No millimeter, this is my arena
    I'm the black widow with a bad stinger
    And I'll make you scream like a bad singer
    I'm everything that you wanna be plus more
    Since there's no heroes anymore
    Jump out the window, then put the mask on
    Who the bad man that a man gotta bash on?
    Hope we'll never link up
    Blink and you will see us
    Thumbprints 'bout to ink up
    See me in the NYC
    You can never swing by me
    Home of the B.I.G, YO
    They will slander me, I just plan to be
    Somethin' powerful for my family
    Try to balance life and my sanity
    Show a different side of humanity
    So amazin', keep appraisin'
    Save you from a home invasion
    Chasin' robbers from the bank
    You facin' friendly neighborhood Spider-Man
    I fight crime through the nighttime
    When the light shine, I go python
    I've fallen, on my last lifeline
    There's no way in my right mind
    My city up on my back tight
    How can I possibly act right?
    I'm Robin Hood, I'm the Black Knight
    I know you heard 'bout my last fight
    'Cause I win, over and over again
    Battlin' evil, I'm hopin' to win
    Fightin' my demons, I'm nice for a reason
    Enticed with the bleedin', I'm showin' my sins
    How can you expect me to stay sane? Protect me
    My technique go X speed on high waves and jet skis
    I jump off this building to save these civilians
    My strength and my honor is trusted by children
    I'm ready and willing to fight all these villains
    No chaos or killings, my style is so brilliant
    You gotta choose a side, you gotta choose a side
    You gotta do what's right or you gonna lose the fight
    (I gotta elevate)
    Look, I ain't got no time to be hangin' around
    Nobody tryna figure out if they good or evil
    I'm fightin' the crimes, savin' your lives
    One at a time, I'm killin' the rhymes
    I do it for the people
    I'm Peter Parker running through the 6
    With a bag full of tricks
    My boy, you better choose a side
    I may have lost the battle but I will not lose the war
    I can promise you I will not lose this time
    And I did it all independent, no really, all independent
    Now we winnin', I got my homies cookin' up in the kitchen
    Intuition, so we gon' have to win and come for some business
    The world is mine and you gon' have to pay me attention
    And I did everything that I did on my own
    I'm a one-to-one for real, there can never be a clone
    Better talk to me nice, better watch yo' tone
    And I'm puttin' on for my home zone so I gotta go hard