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  • Title:Baby, Please Don't Go
  • Artist:AC/DC
  • Album:'74 Jailbreak
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  • Uploador:WarMachine666
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    " Baby, Please Don't Go "
    (Original by Them)

    Baby please don't go,
    Baby please don't go down to New Orleans, you know I love you
    So, baby please don't go.
    When the man done gone,
    When the man done gone down the county farm,
    He got the shackles on, baby please don't go.
    Don't leave me!
    I'll be a dog,
    I'll be a dog, woah!,
    I'll be a dog kiss your way down here,
    When you walk along, baby please don't go.
    So, baby please don't goo-o-ooo!
    Ee-e-eeehh!, Uuh!
    Noooo!, baby please don't leave me!,
    Why must you go away and do this to me baby!?,
    I wanna suffer for you,
    Oh baby please!, don't go!
    (Guitar solo)
    Please don't go!,
    Please don't go,
    Don't go and leave me!,

    Oh, don't go,
    No, don't go,
    Oh, don't go,
    Ah, don't go!,
    Don't go so slow,
    No, don't go.
    Why must you leave me lying on my back?
    Going across left side of the track,
    Found yourself a new man, I know,
    So baby please don't go!,
    Baby please don't goooooooo!
    No, no, no, noooooo!
    Oh please!,
    Please don't leave me!,
    Aaaagggh!, I don't want to be left alone baby!,
    Don't go!,
    Don't go!
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