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  • Title:The River
  • Artist:Delta Goodrem
  • Album:Wings of the Wild
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    (Preacher, take me down)
    (Take me down the river, river)
    It's not what I had planned when I was walking in
    I didn't know what I'd see
    Stepping through the door, their clothes were on the floor
    Was something like a bad dream
    And then yesterday, before I could think
    I didn't know what happened
    All I knew was this
    How could he commit a crime against our passion
    The moment that I saw them kiss
    I knew it had to end like this
    Preacher, take me down
    Take me down the river, river
    I couldn't help myself
    When I saw him with her, with her
    I took that loaded gun
    Forgive what I have done
    So preacher, take me down
    (River, river, river, river)
    The writing's on the wall, but it was his fault
    How could anybody blame me
    I swear to tell the truth, and if you only knew
    I swear you'd do the same thing
    If you give me one more chance
    I'll never shoot him down again
    (Take me down)
    (River, river)