• Title:Touch
  • Artist:Delta Goodrem
  • Album:Child Of The Universe
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    Delta Goodrem - Touch
    2012 - 《Child of Univers》

    This is the home where, where my mother told me anything can happen
    These are the pages where I kept my secrets underneath my bed
    In a heart shaped necklace that my father bought me
    Then there’s the park bench where I gave my first kiss away
    This is the bedroom that I painted purple when I first left home
    There is the journey that my car would take me to my days at work
    And the mountain I climbed after I fought the rain
    This is the goodbye that I gave my best friend for the very last time
    I said to myself, said to my lover
    Everything feels your touch
    Everything good, reaches another
    Ai, ai, when a butterfly moves it’s wings
    There’s a storm happening somewhere
    This is the feeling that only you can give me and it gives me chills
    This is the last time that I said I need you but I always will
    There’s an old song that when it comes on the radio
    I’ve gotta pull over because it makes me feel like I’m home, I’m home, home
    You never can feel too much
    Yes it does, feel your touch, yes it does, feel your touch, yes it does
    Do you really have to ask me
    And your love, and your love feels your touch and your love feels your touch
    Did you hear it from somebody