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  • Title:The Speed Of Life (Acoustic Version)
  • Artist:Delta Goodrem
  • Album:Child Of The Universe
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    How many times can you say that it's over
    How many ways can you say that I love you forever more
    How many times can you make love with your lover
    How many lives and many lies can we live with ourselves

    How many times will you change your religion
    And how many gods do you ask for the answers that grow in yourself
    What has to break before you make a decision
    Cause you never know which way to go, you just get off the bus and go home
    God tell me the truth, how much is too many
    Give me a sign if we've crossed the line
    Cause everyone else seems to know the direction
    I'm frozen, from not knowing
    And I'm out of breath from the speed of life
    And I'm shaking and it's racing
    Cause I'm scared to death of the speed of life
    The speed of life
    How many dreams can you break till you're broken
    How many fights can you fight til you fall down on your knees
    How many doors can get slammed in your face till one of them opens
    It's beautiful, it's incredible, it's the danger of life