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  • Title:Safe To Believe
  • Artist:Delta Goodrem
  • Album:Child Of The Universe
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    She found a secret, hiding behind a closed door
    No strength to believe it like a flame that can't burn anymore
    A heart gripped with sadness, a fear that was hard to let go
    Then she found an angel, the love that she’d never known
    So lay with me
    I've been so scared to breathe
    You make it safe to believe in all that I am
    And take my hand
    Love me for who I am
    Teach me to dream again
    It's all that I need
    You make it safe to believe

    She had forgotten the beauty she lived in her dreams
    Her heart had stopped hoping, broken by what she has seen
    Then a chance constellation, a lighthouse as bright as the sun
    Two hearts resonating, two lives now living as one
    Lay with me
    And you make it safe
    In the darkest times of your life
    There's a spirit that hears your cry