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  • Title:Hunters & The Wolves (Acoustic Version)
  • Artist:Delta Goodrem
  • Album:Child Of The Universe
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    I fought for you, I went to war in a battle of two
    So many years in solitary, captured by the enemy
    I tried, I tried, everything just to survive
    Living a lie for someone else who wouldn’t even save himself
    What did I know, I had my eyes closed
    For what it seemed like eternity
    Those hungry eyes were praying on me
    Didn’t you know, I wanted to go
    I know you saw them wanting me and now I love them dangerously
    The wolves come out, circling me
    The hunters hunt, stamping their feet
    We'll play my game of hide and seek
    But who will it be
    Who will it be
    Now that I’m free
    Let the wolf come and get me

    I know for sure I’m ready now for so much more
    And I’m not gonna fight it, the temperature is rising
    I feel tonight the rhythm from the inside out
    Or is it just there's someone who I want so bad instead of you
    He makes me feel like my body’s alive
    On fire with the wonder, reminds me I’m a lover
    Cause your own pain is driving me insane
    It’s killing me to tell you this
    But you’ll hear it and you’ll know it’s true
    Let the wolves come and get me
    Come and get, come and get, come and get me