• Title:Low Key
  • Artist:Ally Brooke;Tyga
  • Album:Low Key
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    Low key, low key you should really get to know me
    Yeah, I know you've got some things that you could show me
    I see you looking at my body very closely
    But there's a lot of things about me that you don't see
    You know we could take it fast or take it slowly
    We could fly out to Ibiza and get cosy
    All your friends are looking for you,
    They don't know where you're at
    'Cause you left with me and slipped out the back
    Let's forget about our phones until the morning ('Till the morning)
    We can post up, no one gets to see our story (Oh no)
    I can take you places you ain't been before me
    Then, the rest I guess is self-explanatory
    Low key, low key you should really get to know me(get to know me)
    La, la-la, la-la, la
    La-la-la-la, la
    La-la, la-la, la
    La, la-la, la-la, la (Uh-huh)
    Yeah I see you watching,
    You been plotting on me, low key, yeah (Low key)
    I put this ice up on your neck and freeze your body, yeah
    I've been known to be giving
    Get it, then I spend it
    Invent a new wave, then I re-invent it
    Baguettes on your wrist now, can't be acting timid (Woo)
    Pick you in the Mexico, ain't nobody rented
    Throw me that ally, I'ma dunk and win it
    I ain't looking for love but it's been a minute
    Serve it to me on a plate, I'ma come and get it
    You love it, I like it, it's lit
    Low key, low key you should really get to know me(Really get to know me)