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  • Title:Not Broken
  • Artist:Girl On Fire
  • Album:Not Broken
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    Not Broken - Girl On Fire
    I shouldn't feel alone
    been waiting for this time
    To dive head first
    In this mess will I scratch the surface
    I come so far from home
    left everything behind
    To walk the path I choose in
    Will I Scratch the surface
    I'm Not BROKEN
    I'm ALIVE
    I've been Kicked down
    But I'll survive
    Never Give Up
    Never Hide
    I won't Go down without a fight
    You can drag me down
    Til i'm out of breath
    you can rip my heart
    Right out my chest
    Not BROKEN
    I've seen so much embrone
    Not wasting any time
    Learn who I am to be my best
    have I found A purpose
    I thought I never known
    The answers to this life
    What I stumbled On
    I feeling right Have I scratch The surface