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  • Title:Not Giving In
  • Artist:Tom Walker
  • Album:What a Time to Be Alive
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    作曲 : Tom Walker
    作词 : Tom Walker
    Take my hand we can find our place no one knows
    And you can tell me where this goes
    And, oh, it's hard for you
    You've got scars beneath your clothes
    You didn't do this on your own
    As I hold my hand out for you
    You're too scared to let me in
    And we end where we begin
    When you gave away the love we gave you
    You don't want a soul to save you
    Yeah, I'll never stop, I'm not giving in (No, no, no, no)
    'Cause I'll climb the walls that slowly cage you
    Break that chains that you can't break through
    Yeah, I'll never stop, I'm not giving in
    I'm not giving in
    And don't pretend to understand
    What it's like, stood in your shoes
    But I would try them on for you
    'Cause I hate to see you fade away
    On the corner where you lay
    Beggin' passers by for change
    I honestly promised meets only the truth
    You don't have to do what they're askin' o' you
    Get out of this place, don't give them your grace, my dear
    And no, no, don't let them treat you like one of their slaves
    Promise you laugh just to steal it away
    No, don't take that plane
    Don't fall for this game, my dear
    'Cause you gave away the love we gave you
    Not giving in