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  • Title:Now You're Gone
  • Artist:Tom Walker;Zara Larsson
  • Album:What a Time to Be Alive
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    作曲 : Tom Walker/Chelcee Grimes/Steve Mac
    作词 : Tom Walker/Chelcee Grimes/Steve Mac
    Oh, all the battles that I've won
    They don't matter now you're gone
    Nothing matters now you're gone
    I said, "I'm down with you"
    But I can't help it when I lay down, still think of you
    Keeps me awake at night and
    Why do I let it get so far?
    How did we end with broken hearts?
    Broken hearts
    So was it really worth it?
    Caught in the moment while we burn it down
    No one's perfect
    Try to connect and we turn it 'round
    Well, I'm over this game
    No one's taken the blame
    Was it really worth it?
    Everything we've been criticizin'
    Well, I don't wanna live like that
    Overthinking and analyzing
    Never gonna take it back
    I thought I was winning but I was dying
    Everything we never had
    Losing you is what I want fighting
    Well, you said you hated me
    Tried to forget but it stays with me
    What scares me is when I'm locked up, got me feeling free
    Does it come from the heart?
    Words cut deep, cut deeper than scars
    Thought that you were perfect
    I'm too proud to call you
    But I'm still thinking of you
    Oh, I think I love you (Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh)