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  • Title:Angels
  • Artist:Tom Walker
  • Album:What a Time to Be Alive
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    作曲 : Tom Walker/James Eliot/Emma Davidson-Dillon
    作词 : Tom Walker/James Eliot/Emma Davidson-Dillon
    (Don't give up)
    (I won't give up)
    Save praise for a better man
    No need for your touching hands
    There's nothing to understand
    I'm one with the lost and damned
    It's a long road and you're on your own
    Take care of your broken soul
    'Cause there must be
    There must be
    I've drink all the remedies
    Too young for these memories
    Swing low, bitter melodies
    False hope from the teeth of the enemy
    Take care of my broken soul
    There must be angels, guiding the way
    There must be angels, saving our grace
    There must be heaven for people who stray
    There must be heaven in this hell that I'm living
    'Cause heaven seems to be so forgiving
    So don't give up
    I won't give up
    No, don't give up
    I- 'Cause there must be angels
    There must be angels
    Lost hope, keeping dreams afloat
    I stand just a man on the tight rope
    Got faith but I'll never know
    See wings when I look through my telescope
    'Cause there must be angels