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  • Title:My Way
  • Artist:Tom Walker
  • Album:What a Time to Be Alive
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    作曲 : Tom Walker/Tim Deal/Fiona Bevan
    作词 : Tom Walker/Tim Deal/Fiona Bevan
    I'm just living for the moment
    Flying high on paper planes but they don't hold up
    Make mistakes but I'll be damned if I don't own them
    It's a trip and I don't wanna get sober, don't wanna get sober
    Living fast in a daydream
    They can try but I'll be dead before they change me
    'Cause my guitar's the only one that ever paid me
    It's a trip and I'll be loving every single minute
    As long as I can say I did it
    My way, my way
    Just go and get it
    My way
    I'll know I did it
    I say I did it
    I won't regret it
    No way
    (I can say I did it)
    (As long as I can say I did it, say I did it)
    Ain't saying I never get hopeless
    And things get crazy when it all gets out of focus
    On the days when we're together, that's a bonus
    My darling, we're just living for the moment, living for the moment
    Will you love me till you leave here?
    Yeah, I never wanna stop you going somewhere
    Go ahead and live the way you wanna, I will always love ya
    You know that your heart is in it
    As long as you can say I did it
    We only get one life, so make this life beautiful
    One chance to make it worthwhile
    Just be alive, the story could be glorious
    Beginning to the finish, long as I can say I did it
    (As long as I can say I did it, say I did it, say I did it)
    My way, my way, my way, my way
    (As long as I can say I did it) my way, my way