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  • Title:Voices
  • Artist:Dave
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    I gotta speak out
    I know heartbreak well, man, I got her on speed dial
    Me and suffering got the same dad
    Me and pain go way back
    And it's hard to explain but
    Oh my love, I hear voices
    Oh my love, I hear voices when I sleep
    And the voices
    They say you’re everything that I need
    I can't get 'em out
    I can't get 'em out my head
    Look, I don't wanna waste time
    But heartache's my G I can get her on face time (Right now)
    Mother's life
    I don't know envy, that nigga lives on the other side
    But the struggle my bredrin
    And the hustle my best friend
    I heard of regret but I don't know him as well as my last few ex's
    All this pain must be the reason
    The reason that
    Used to sit down in a room all day and think to myself,
    "What the **** am I doing wrong?"
    Sorrow's a bitch, I'm glad that she left, I'm moving on
    Never had no pot to piss in
    Made so many wrong decisions
    'Til I fell in love with optimism
    We all love, it's like the sweetest thing
    Man grew up 'round sweets and cling
    Now we pull up to the club with the sweetest tings
    I can’t even play with the ting if she ain't 19 on a FIFA ting
    I don’t care what beef mans in,
    Can't pull up 'round here on a idiot ting 'cause-