• Title:Fashion Week
  • Artist:Steel Banglez;AJ Tracey;MoStack
  • Album:Fashion Week
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    作曲 : AJ Tracey/Steel Banglez/MoStack
    Steel Banglez
    Shit (shit)
    She smell like Yves Saint Laurent
    My garms were from Italy, I feel like the don
    Paris Fashion Week I'm watching Louis Vuittons
    Saw her favourite rapper listen now she feeling my song
    Everything she do is for the media
    I might duck your food and bredrin I don't need ya
    Her exes always tryna follow I'mma lead ya
    Her body tight she looking hot up like a fever
    Got me looking eager
    I only trust girls on days that don't end with a Y
    Don't ask why you can't ever see trust
    Catch up, you could never keep up
    Wrist froze if I ever freeze up
    You no say we flex and cheques so we like like
    You know she moneyman it's like you turned blind eye
    Oooo five bags that's a bad night
    Oooo we getting money now she like, like
    ****ed her with the blindfold she ugly like me
    She no say nothin' she just thought I was a freak
    You can get a craky when I see you on the streets
    No like a nigga you don't want beef
    You know that they do this for real mama
    You know that they catch and they kill mama
    You know that I'm feeling your style mama
    You know you got a love for the whole summer
    Remy in my cup got me seeing every peng ting twice
    Now I'm feeling nice, no mixer just ice
    She said I'm too cold, baby that's the ice
    Free my niggas that are scrubs doing deals for the rice
    You're taking pics but will you back the beef
    I'm a VIP, for real, with these stacks on me
    Trynna beef with who I love that's a catastrophe
    Cos we came up from the mud like its Glastonbury
    Fendi on my belt match my pretty brown miss
    My Henny's super red thats some expensive brown piss
    She said she wants tequila but I ain't about this
    I don't really drink Patron when I ain't around MIST
    And I hate makeup thats a choice tho
    Rest assured you can't get up in this Royce tho
    I'm up on all of my opps as far as points go
    Cos no one's copping what we're copping with this coin flow
    The Elements