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  • Title:Shock Me
  • Artist:Kiss
  • Album:Love Gun
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  • Uploador:WarMachine666
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    " Shock Me "

    Your lightning's all I need, my satisfaction grows,
    You make me feel at ease, you even make me glow,
    Don't cut the power on me,
    I'm feelin' low, so get me high.
    Shock me!, (make me feel better),
    Shock me!, (put on your black leather),
    Shock me!, (we can come together).
    And baby, if you do what you've been told,
    My insulation's gone, girl you make me overload,
    Don't pull the plug on me, no, no,
    Keep it in and keep me high.
    Come on!
    (Guitar solo)
    Shock me!, (baby!),
    Shock me!, (oh yeah!),
    Shock me!, (oh yeah!)
    Shock me!, (make me feel better, oh yeah!),
    Come on!, and shock me!, (put on your black leather),
    (Baby!), I'm down to the bare wire!, shock me!, (we can come together, oh yeah!),
    I wanna feel your power!, shock me!, (make me feel better),
    (Oh yeah!), I'm down to the bare wire!, shock me!, (put on your black leather)....
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