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  • Title:Can You Feel It
  • Artist:Jean Roch, Big Ali
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    Jean Roch - Can You Feel It
    Ladies and gentlemen
    The time is here
    The time is now
    All over the world
    Paris, Saint-Tropez
    Everyone on holiday
    Put your drinks in the air
    This time
    Can you feel it?
    Jean-Roch says
    Can you feel it, feel it, feel it?

    Yeah! Come on
    I can feel my heart, my energy
    And I doubt my fire bombs
    And men you're just like beach
    And everyone about
    Understand with his cry, happy end
    Featuring a man who comes back flames !
    Hand of God, all the power of love
    Can you feel it, can you feel it,
    Can you feel it (feel it...)
    Can you feel it, can you feel it (oh oh...)
    Everyday I know I feel the pain
    Everynight you know I don't lose the game
    Cause you don't look all I have in my mind
    I can feel the glory in my dreams
    In my life, I just see you and me
    Together, we can be so strong
    Get your hands up, (come on), everybody, (let's go)
    Can you feel it, (say Y)
    Let's Go!