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  • Title:Hell Or Hallelujah
  • Artist:Kiss
  • Album:Monster
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  • Uploador:WarMachine666
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    " Hell Or Hallelujah "

    I rode the highway to heartache,
    I took a trip on the ship of fools,
    Whoa yeah!
    And I paid the price to have my way,
    'Cause money makes the rules,
    Sing it!,
    (Lay down!), I'm looking through ya',
    (Stay down!), you got what you should,
    (Pay now!), all that you never would, it feels good!
    (Hell or hallelujah)!,
    No matter what you do, (I'm running through ya'),
    You said that love's never lasting,
    We surrender our hearts to lose,
    Times up there's nobody askin',
    This time I get to choose!
    Let me hear ya!,
    (Lay down!), don't say that you're sorry,
    (Stay down!), I knew that you would,
    (Pay now!), don't say you're misunderstood, it feels good!
    (Hell), yeee-yeeeeeaaah!, (or hallelujah!),
    One more time!,
    (Hell), yeeah!, (or hallelujah!), c'mon!, c'mon!,
    The rest is up to you, (it's overdue, yeah!)
    (One heart), is breakin'
    (One chance), I'm takin'
    (No lies), no fakin'
    Goodbye, (feels like it should)!
    It feels good!
    (Guitar solo)
    Oouuh yeah!
    Hey!, (one heart), is breakin'
    Goodbye, (feels like it should!)
    Spoken: "Yeah, let me tell ya' how it feels",
    It feels good!, (hell), hey!, (or hallelujah!),
    C'mon!, c'mon!, (hell or hallelujah!),
    The rest is up to you, (it's overdue, yeah!),
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