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  • Title:I'm a Legend Tonight
  • Artist:Kiss
  • Album:Killers
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  • Uploador:WarMachine666
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    " I'm a Legend Tonight "

    I've been working at my job, slaving like a dog all day,
    And I've been thinking about you, girl,
    And watching the minutes slip away.
    Yeah!, and I know there's someone inside me that nobody sees,
    And I know in the darkness you're gonna be reaching for me!
    I'm a legend tonight!
    Gonna make you feel right!
    When you reach for the light!
    I'm a legend tonight!, (legend),
    Gonna make you feel right!, (legend),
    When you reach for the light!, (legend),
    You know they try to slow me, sometimes I think I'm gonna stop,
    But I gotta keep on going, believing in 5 o' clock, yeah!,
    And on the edge of the darkness we'll be living in another world,
    And I know that a part of you's gonna be part of me, girl!
    Look at me!
    (Guitar solo)
    I don't know what happens when the race is run,
    I don't know what tells me if I've lost or won,
    But I know that I'll make it through the day alright,
    And girl, you're gonna find out!
    I'm a legend tonight!, (legend)...
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