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  • Title:Remember The Name (ft. Eminem & 50 Cent)
  • Artist:Ed Sheeran
  • Album:No.6 Collaborations Project
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  • Uploador:yuehtt
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    by yuehtt
    Yeah I was born a misfit grew up ten miles from the town of Ipswich
    Wanted to make it big I wished it to existence
    I never was a sick kid always dismissed quick
    Stick to singing stop ******* like It is Christmas
    And if You are talkin money then my conversation′s shiftin′
    My dreams are bigger than just being on the rich list
    Might be insanity but people call it gifted
    My face is going **** from the **** this stuff is mixed with
    Watch how the lyrics in this song might get twisted
    My wife wears red but looks better without the lipstick
    I am a private guy and you know nothing about my business
    And if I had my fifteen minutes I must have missed them
    Twenty years old is when I came in the game
    And now It is eight years on and you Remember The Name
    And if you thought I was good well then I am better today
    But It is ironic how you people thought I had never be great
    I like my shows open air Tokyo to Delaware
    Put your phones in the air if you wanna be rocked
    You know I want way more than I already got
    Give me a song with Eminem and 50 Cent In Da Club
    You know it ain′t my time to call it a day
    I wanna crack on and I wanna be paid
    But It is ′bout time you remember the name
    I can still remember
    Tryna shop a deal
    From Taco Bell to TRL I climbed the Billboard charts
    To the top until as fate would have it
    Became an addict funny ′cause I had pop appeal
    But they said time′ll tell If I had prevail
    And all I did was Put Nine Inch Nails Where
    In my eye lids now I am seeing diamond sales
    Like I am in Zales Without a doubt by any means
    If rap was skinny jeans I couldn′t do anything in them
    I had be sping seams of denim when I am spitting schemes
    Which really means no if ands or ****s are squeezin in between
    You sleep on me ′cause You are only ****** living in your dreams
    Not even when I am on my death bed
    Man I feel like Ed it isn′t time to drop the mic yet
    So why would I quit The thought that I would stop when I am dead
    Just popped in my head I said it then forgot what I said
    It isn′t my time to call it a day
    I got rap locked and I am already paid
    Ain′t nobody cold as me I dress so fresh so clean
    You could find me in my whip rockin my Fendi drip
    Man you know just what I mean
    Shining wrist with the rocks on it
    Buscemi′s the locks on it
    Everything my voice on the **** knock don′t it
    Balenciaga saga I am in Bergdorf ballin′
    It is just another episode my ***s I spoil them
    She like the fly **** and I like to buy ****
    **** I am gettin stupid money what else we gon do with money
    ***** we be ballin out the king bringing 50 bottles
    Tonight we gon blow a check worry ′bout the **** tomorrow
    The turn up is so real we ′bout to be super lit
    Boy I am kickin straight facts that′s just how we do this ****
    Tomorrow we hangin over ′til we start feelin sober
    Then It is time to start it over here we go again
    And It is ′bout time you remember the name