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  • Title:Hold Me, Touch Me (Think Of Me When We're Apart)
  • Artist:Paul Stanley
  • Album:Paul Stanley
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    " Hold Me, Touch Me (Think Of Me Whwn We're Apart) "
    Paul Stanley

    Though I know that you are sleepin',
    Girl, there's somethin' I must say,
    Though the road may wind,
    My love will find the way.
    Many miles have come between us,
    And the days, they come and go,
    Still with all we feel,
    It never really sho-o-ooooows.
    (Hold me-eeeee),
    (Touch me-eeee),
    And think-(aaa-a-aaaaaah!)-of me when we're apart-(aaa-ha-aaaah!)
    (Hold me-eeee),
    Baby won't you-(aaaaaa touch me-eeeee!),
    And think-(aaaaaaa)-of me-(a-aaaa)-here in the night-(aaah!),
    And you know it'll be alriiiiiiight!
    Though the time apart seems endless,
    All my thoughts remain with you,
    I believe one day,
    We'll make our dreams come true.
    Our goodbyes go on forever,
    And with all that we may say,
    Till tomorrow comes,
    We'll dream of yesterdaaaaay.
    Baby won't you-(aaaa touch me-eeeee!),
    Baby won't you-(aaaaaa touch me-eeee!),
    And you know it'll be alriiiiiii-i-iiiight!
    (Guitar solo)
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