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  • Title:Hustler
  • Artist:Zayde Wølf
  • Album:Golden Age
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    [Verse 1]
    Looking at the city like I already own it
    Standing on top 'cause I earned this moment
    I took what was mine, now I won't let go of it
    'Cause I'm a hustler, yeah I'm a hustler

    I didn't come from luxe or own no diamonds
    Yeah I was barely getting by, we survive like lions
    But now I'm a king, now I'm a titan
    Keep turning up the heat
    I keep turning up the heat
    Yeah, yeah, I'm a hustler
    Yeah, yeah
    Keep turning up the heat (keep turning it up)
    I know the price is steep (keep turning it up)
    They gonna call me king
    [Verse 2]
    I ain't afraid of the pressure when it comes on stronger
    'Cause I'm always pushing through you, always going harder
    When everyone is through, I’ll be here longer
    I'm a hustler
    I keep on looking up, looking up
    When things be gettin' down, gettin' down
    I keep turning up the heat (keep turning it up)