• Title:The Loneliest Girl
  • Artist:The Loneliest Girl (From "Carole & Tuesday")
  • Album:VOCAL COLLECTION vol.1
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    It's a little cold in paradise tonight
    Love faded
    I'm finding new forms
    I write it out
    It's fine for now
    Then you come along and I cry
    I'm seeing clearly now
    There's no turning back
    I'm overwhelmed
    Do you really want to set the night on fire?
    You're my only way out
    Do you really want to turn your life around again?
    You know you're my last chance
    Can you feel my
    Can you feel my tears? They won't dry
    Can you feel my teardrops of the loneliest girl?
    The loneliest girl
    Can you really love with a broken heart?
    In the cold rain
    I'm giving it a try, I'll let it fly
    You can count me in
    So when the night falls, I'll be on your side
    These eyes don't lie
    Cause my defeated heart's got nothing to hide
    It's my only vice
    Keep it keep it close to you heart
    And it won't go
    Keep it keep it close and you'll start to grow