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  • Title:Tonight You Belong To Me
  • Artist:Paul Stanley
  • Album:Paul Stanley
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    " Tonight You Belong To Me "
    Paul Stanley

    In a dream
    A long time ago-o-ooo,
    We fell in love,
    But what did we know?,
    Years seemed to pass
    As time took its toll,
    You're here at last,
    So why must you gooo?,
    But toni-i-iight
    You belong to me, yee-e-eah,
    Yes, toni-i-iight
    You belong to me.
    I know!, you're leavin',
    Goin' away!,
    And I'm goin' out of my head,
    Well, go on!, and leave me,
    What can I say?
    You don't hear a word that I say.
    (But toni-iiight you belong to meee),
    Yeah toni-i-iight!, you belong to meeeeee.
    (You belooooooong!)
    (You belooooooooong!)
    Well, don't say "I love you", baby!,
    Love isn't sorrow and pain,
    I hope and pray!,
    This never happens again,
    All I can say,
    Baby I know!,
    You will be sorry some daaay.
    But, (toni-iiight you belong to meeee),
    Ooouh!, toni-i-iiight you belong to meeeee, hey!
    (Guitar solo)
    (You belooooooo-ooooong!)
    Oooh!-(toni-iiight you belong to me)-ye-e-eey!,
    Yeah, toni-iiight you belong to meee,
    Yeah toniiight!, you beloooong to me-eee!,
    Well, toni-i-iiight!, you belong to meee-e-e-e-eeeee!
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