• Title:Stay
  • Artist:Deadmau5 feat. Colleen D'Agostino (Drop the Poptart Edit)
  • Album:Collide
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  • Uploador:Dirch
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    Deadmau5 feat. Colleen D'Agostino
    Stay (Drop the Poptart Edit)

    gedingens by Dirch
    reathe it in now, then breathe it out.
    Let the air flow over me.
    Up high, can you tell me what you see?
    This life, is it more than just a dream?
    Look at me now, then look away.
    Can you tell me what to do?
    Your eyes, they no longer speak for you.
    Inside, tell me where you heart the truth.
    If you want me to stay, I need you to know
    You can never ever leave me, alone.
    I can't, I can never let you go.
    I can never let you go.
    Breathe it in now, then breathe it out.
    Geiles Teil .....