• Title:Cold
  • Artist:James Blunt
  • Album:Once Upon a Mind
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  • Uploador:Javad Tmn
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    It's been lonely, trying get your attention from a thousand miles away
    And you know me, always overthinking the worst possibilities
    Yeah, we both know, in between you and me, there's an ocean
    Castaway in a sea and it's frozen
    I'm exposed, can't you see, all I need is a little warmth
    Without your arms around me
    Without you on my skin
    Without you on my body, I'm sorry, I'm sorry
    I don't mean to be desperate, or pretend that I'm not torn
    But I don't want to let go of the things that keep me warm
    Without you I'm just cold
    I built a little boat with a sail from the memories I've been collecting
    And I'll hold out for the wind to blow me, take me home the whole way, in your direction
    Yeah, we both know, in between you and me there's an ocean
    And I'm just trying to get a little closer
    Pull me in, cause I'm here and all I need is a little warmth
    And I need a little fire and you're my gasoline
    Light me up, I'm burning, with all these things I feel
    I'll always hold this flame for you, but it's naked on the breeze
    So let me in, don't lock me out or cast me out to sea