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  • Title:Dancing With Myself
  • Artist:Billy Idol
  • Album:Billy Idol
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    " Dancing With Myself "
    Billy Idol

    On the floor of Tokyo,
    Or down in London town to go-go,
    With the record selection,
    And the mirror's reflection,
    I'm dancing with myself.
    When there's no-one else in sight,
    In the crowded lonely night,
    Well I wait so long,
    For my love vibration,
    And I'm dancing with myself.
    Ah-ouh!, dancing with myself-(ah!)-
    -(O-ouh!)-oh-ouh!, dancing with myself-(ah!)-
    -(O-ouh!)-well there's nothing to lose, and there's nothing to prove-(aah!)-
    -(Oouuh!)-I'll be dancing with myself,
    Ah-(ah)-ah-(o), o-ouh-(ohh!)
    If I looked all over the world,
    And there's every type of girl,
    But your empty eyes,
    Seem to pass me by,
    Leave me dancing with myself.
    So let's sink another drink,
    'Cause it'll give me time to think,
    If I had the chance,
    I'd ask the world to dance,
    And I'll be dancing with myself.
    Ah-(ah)-ah-(o), o-ouh!-(ohh!),
    Oh-(ah)-oh-(o), o-o-ouh!-(ohh!),
    Ah-(ah)-ah-(o), o-ouuuuh!-(ohh!),
    Ah-(ah)-ah-(o), o-ouu-(ohh!)-oooaaa-aaaugh!
    Weeell!, If I looked all over the world,
    Ah-ouh!, dancing with myself,
    If I had the chance,
    I'd ask the world to daaaaance-(ah-ah)-aaaaugh!-(o-ouh!)
    (Oh-oh, o-ouh!),
    (Ah-oh, o-ouh!),
    (Ah-ouh!), (dancing with myself),
    (Ah-ouh!), (dancing with myself), (ah-ouh!)
    Weeeeell!, If I looked all over the world,
    Oh-ouh!, dancing with myself,
    (O-ouh!), (dancin with myself-o-ouh!)-oooooh!, it's all wet,
    (Dancing with myself-o-ouh!)-and I'll sweat,
    (Dancing)-and I'll sweat!-(with myself)-sweat!, sweat!-(o-ouh!)-sweat!,
    (Dancing)-sweat!-(with myself)-sweat!, sweat!-(o-ouh!)-sweat!,
    (Dancing)-sweat!-(with myself)-sweat!, sweat!-(o-ouh!)-sweat!-sweat-aaauugh!,
    (Dancing with myself-o-ouh!),
    (Dancing with myself)-e-e-eee-(o-ouh!)-
    -Eeee-(dancing with myself)-eeaaa-(o-ouh!)-
    -Aaah!-(dancing with myself-o-ouh!)-oooaaagh!...
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