• Artist:Arizona Zervas
  • Album:ROXANNE
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    作曲 : Arizona Zervas/Lauren LaRue
    作词 : Arizona Zervas/Lauren LaRue
    All for the gram
    B*tches love the gram
    Oh wait sh*t
    (brr brr)
    (brr brr brr)
    (skrr skrr)
    All she wanna do is party all night
    Goddamn, Roxanne
    Never gonna love me but it's alright
    She think I'm a *******
    She think I'm a player
    She keep running back though only 'cause I pay up
    Met her at a party in the hills, yeah
    She just wanna do it for the thrill, yeah
    Shorty drive a poodle with no top
    But if I throw this money she gon' drop
    She don't wait in lines if it's too long
    She don't drive the whip unless the roof off
    Only want to call when the cash out
    Only take the pic when her ass out
    She from Malibu, Malibu
    If you ain't gotta foreign then she laugh at you
    Malibu, Malibu
    Spending daddy's money with an attitude
    (I just wanna have fun!)
    In LA, yeah
    Got no brakes, yeah
    Living fast, Ricky Bobby shaking bake, yeah
    See the chain? yeah
    Issa lake, yeah
    Swipe the chase, oo
    Now she wanna date, yeah
    Straight to NOBU
    On the coast oo
    Shorty only like c****** and whole foods
    Snappin' all up on the gram
    Ass going crazy
    Now she wanna **** me in the foreign
    Going 80
    Up In Malibu, Malibu