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  • Title:The Kids Are Coming
  • Artist:Tones and I
  • Album:The Kids Are Coming
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    作曲 : Toni Watson
    作词 : Toni Watson
    No one wants to listen to the kids these days
    Yeah the fibs these days yeah
    They say that we're all the same
    But they're the ones to blame
    Speaking of the young as if we killed someone
    But we don't need your guns
    We're all too busy on the run
    Tryna be someone
    The kids are coming
    The kids are gunning
    The kids are running
    The kids are coming for you
    No one seems to understand the kids these days
    And why we live this way
    We got to clean up the mess you've made
    Still you don't wanna change
    You create the law
    But can't control our thoughts
    And no we won't be bought
    We don't just protest for the fun
    We're here to get it done
    Now you've gone and done it and we locked you in the basement
    Marching through the streets is not the only way to change things
    This never would've happened when I was a boy!
    You kids these days and your millenium items
    And your card games and your loud music
    And your hula hoops and your hopscotch
    And your dungarees and your lollipops
    And your Sony Playstations and your