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  • Title:Johnny Run Away
  • Artist:Tones and I
  • Album:The Kids Are Coming
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    作曲 : Toni Watson
    作词 : Toni Watson
    Johnny was a young boy, he liked playing at the park
    And Johnny said: oh oh oh, dad can you take me now?
    Johnny was young, never hurt no-one, too early for that
    He was at the park, he met a boy named Jimmy
    He's a cutie
    And he chose him oh
    Take my heart, take my soul, share my crayons, share my goals
    His daddy walked by with a sigh said Johnny sit by my side
    I’m gonna give you the best advice you've ever heard in your life
    See that boy named Jimmy, yeah, he's a cutie
    But oh no Johnny no no no no ah ah ow
    Johnny run away, run away, now, Johnny now
    You get picked on by another
    Better go and run for cover

    Johnny started high school at the front of the bus
    Some boys yelled oh oh-oh man come sit with us
    Johnny found a seat with a boy named Pete and felt it again
    As he was trying to play pretend the feeling came rushing in
    And he thought
    And I don't want to talk about the trap, I've dreamed big
    Real big since I've been on daddy’s lap
    Got my dreams by my side
    Keep them in my pocket so that when I get the chance I can rip it out and rock it
    It’s like my golden ticket, it’s the reason that I’m here
    Everybody has a dream, but they're frozen by fear
    We won't dance in the rain, we go and run for cover
    All that is to blame is getting picked on by another
    So we go and find someone that will love and support us
    Says they adore us, maybe fought for us
    Then, we forget about ambitions and decisions have changed
    I think that I was only seven when oh
    You'll get picked on by another
    Better go and run for cover, nah no nah no
    Get picked on by another