• Title:Mad World
  • Artist:Within Temptation
  • Album:Resist (Extended Deluxe)
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    Mad World - Within Temptation
    Lyrics by:Sharon den Adel/Robert Westerholt
    Composed by:Sharon den Adel/Robert Westerholt/Daniel Gibson
    Produced by:Daniel Gibson/Within Temptation/Mathijs Tieken
    Can't control the restless part of me
    Bowing down our heads to love and greed
    I wonder
    Can't deny it's in my head
    A world in flames the blood we shed
    Walls are falling down on us
    We wanna scream our pain
    And break away from the dark
    Caught in this wicked game
    We know that nothing stays the same
    'Cause we're living in a mad world
    Mad world
    We're living in a mad world
    We're living in a mad world mad world
    Trying to hold on to all we know
    But one day turn around and let it go
    Can't deny the dreams we had
    Are glowing sparks the fire ain't dead
    We hate we love we're fighting
    This world is tearing us apart
    And piece by piece we're crumbling
    We're crumbling
    'Cause we're living in a mad world mad world