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  • Title:Trophy Hunter
  • Artist:Within Temptation
  • Album:Resist (Extended Deluxe)
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    作词 : Sharon den Adel/Robert Westerholt/Emma Bjernvall
    Breathe, I need to breathe
    And wipe off the scarlet red
    Make my heart slow down
    I know I will find you here
    You are trophy hunting
    Kill for nothing
    Tired of watching
    Turning tables
    I can't let go
    I'll set them free from you
    (I won't give in)
    You, you won't escape me, I'll rise from the deep
    In this final moment, no words left to say
    I can't let you be when life fades away
    You, you won't escape me cause I'll set you free

    Time, I need more time
    But patience is hard for me
    Feel my blood rushing
    Slowly I'm closing in
    Trophy hunting
    I set them free from you
    In the end we got our own way when time comes no one can stay
    Why is nothing ever easy and the truth is never straight
    Slowly learning how to be me
    All alone but I can see
    That I never will give in, no always free