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  • Title:Ain't My Last Dance
  • Artist:Five Finger Death Punch
  • Album:Got Your Six
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  • Uploador:Dalkan
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    I'm the apocalypse
    With a fat lip
    I never did and I still don't give a shit
    I'm such an outcast
    You swore I'd never last
    I got news for you
    This ain't my last dance

    I've given it all (give it all)
    I've given everything for you
    I've given you all (give you all)
    What more do you want me to do
    I've taken the fall (taken the fall)
    I've given everything to you
    I've given my all (give my all)
    Will it ever be enough for you
    I am your nemesis
    I don't regret this
    I wrote the fucking book with no consensus
    Born to live fast
    You said I'd never last
    Let me say it again
    I won't say you're wrong
    It comes together now
    Falls together now
    I won't say I'm right
    But it falls together now
    Comes together now