• Title:My Nemesis
  • Artist:Five Finger Death Punch
  • Album:Got Your Six
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  • Uploador:Dalkan
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    Five Finger Death Punch - My Nemesis Lyrics

    I'm leaving behind this world
    And all the things I am (the things I am)
    I'm tearing away from it
    Because I know I can
    I'm pushing away from you
    And all the things you are (the things you are)
    Don't need the memory
    I already wear the scars
    There is no yesterday
    Tomorrow's far away
    I (I) gave you everything
    And in return
    You gave me nothing
    Show me a sign (sign)
    Please give me anything
    I will not hide from what's inside of me
    My nemesis
    I'm turning away from me
    And all the things I've known (the things I've known)
    I don't need your help no more
    I can do this on my own
    I'm taking all the blame
    Resent what I've become (what I've become)
    I regret everything and
    There's nowhere left to run