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  • Title:Question Everything
  • Artist:Five Finger Death Punch
  • Album:Got Your Six
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    Five Finger Death Punch - Question Everything

    She was a princess, she could've been a queen
    She had the angels beneath her broken wings
    She had the vision, she had the sight
    She wants perfection, she wants it right
    Who cares anymore, what's right anymore?
    (I question everything!)
    I won't lie, I've never been ashamed
    I don't mind, admitting I'm to blame
    I care no more, I can't bare no more
    I'll say no more, I can't give you anymore
    He lives in darkness, there is no progress
    He knows the demons, that lie within him
    He has no vision, he has no sight
    He hates perfection, it wasn't right!
    Who cares anymore, who's there anymore?