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  • Title:50 Feet
  • Artist:SoMo
  • Album:A Beautiful November
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    50, 50 Feet up underground
    You know I keep my feet on the sound
    I'm around, baby I'm around
    Underground, but you know I'm around
    I was down, lately I've been down
    Ran around, now I'm back I'm found
    Pour the wine up
    You're silent
    Why though?
    You know you like
    This style of
    This side of
    I know you like it
    I ****ed you right, I did
    I loved you every single night
    You know you like, that dear
    You know I like it when I ride
    You owe me all of it
    You told me every single time
    I'm holding on to it
    I'm holding everything that's mine
    You know it
    Popped a pill
    What's the deal
    I don't feel it anymore
    Popped, popped a pill
    What's that?
    You know I've been down on the floor
    I cried everyday
    You know this ain't real anymore
    It's a dream on the door
    It's a dream on the board
    It's the life you warned me
    Hold tighter
    Reminiscing on old times
    With my red lighter
    Said you'd feel it in your throat
    When I sing
    You know what I mean