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  • Title:Salvation
  • Artist:SoMo
  • Album:A Beautiful November
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    Uh, woah, woah, emmm, woah, woah
    Give me this, can you give me that
    Send a pic, then you send it back
    This is it I need all of that
    Hey, babe, woah
    So right when you love me back
    So alive when you're touching that
    Oh, don't wait
    This is our salvation
    A rehabilitation
    From everything that I thought that I wanted before
    The way you rock that body, could really hurt somebody
    I think I left my conscious out on the floor
    Uh, woah, woah
    Girl, you've been sinnin' no
    Needed some deliverance, oh, woah
    We should make a cinema, oh, no
    Call it a remembrance
    Oh, no, no, no-nobody interrupt
    You should count me in on ya, oh, woah
    Safe and sound
    Girl, you love sinner
    Dressed in disguise
    When I slide, you slide off the surprise
    Feel your heartbeat pump, pump up the sides
    Drip, drop with it, you know I love when you ride
    We can bring the salvation
    Loving on style
    When you come, will you let me know?
    You should drop that
    Do you know it's a weapon?, oh
    Lord, look at that girl she's so cold
    Look at that girl she's so bold
    The way she knows
    From everything that I thought I wanted before