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  • Title:Nov 12
  • Artist:SoMo
  • Album:A Beautiful November
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    Woke up in the mornin
    With ya on my mind
    Visualize old times
    Let's bring it back
    Dial one time
    And ya hit me back
    Think it's 'bout time
    That I needed that
    Little bit a
    Heaven sent her
    Little bit
    Of that rare light
    Know that I've been
    Gone so long
    That we can go
    The slow route
    Home baby
    What's ya thoughts
    And how ya feel
    Are you nervous
    We can bop
    A little Seal
    Plant your rose here
    Let you get behind the wheel
    I can serve ya
    Do the things in your dreams
    I'll preserve ya
    For your love life
    You should jump
    Don't you hit the brake
    Even pump
    I'll buy you Gucci and Prada
    And all you want
    And you know I won't lie
    And I won't front
    Come hit the bowl
    Let it fill you up
    Feel the love feel the love
    We can drink on the bub
    Just the two of us
    Run the tub, make some love
    Show me who you love
    Call me on my line
    When you need a ride home, do it
    Call me genuine
    I'm your knight in armor
    You know I will fight
    I'll defend your honor
    Be there anytime
    Will you love me in the dark
    Will you love me in the light
    Say you want my heart, baby
    Say you want my mind
    I been doing things
    Making plans with my life
    Love you all the time, baby
    Love you all the time
    I been on the road
    On my grind for so long
    That I didn't even
    Have time to look
    Inside my heart
    I was making claims
    I was searchin for the stars
    You just wanted art
    I was busy chasin charts
    Mama say that you love me
    You revolve around my heart
    Revolving doors can keep it all apart
    But there you are
    There you, there you are, there you are, oh
    Pour the wine in the glass, yeah
    Wanna see that ass, swear
    Wanna come back, back, yeah
    Know I jump in that, yeah
    Said ya like it in the red room
    I'm home tonight
    Said it ain't the competition
    When it comes to competitions
    Yeah you know I work that right
    Said you need the motivation
    Put your legs up like quotations
    I'll hold it right
    Let me love you right
    Fillin up the cup
    Yeah I'm fillin up
    With the bubble bub
    It ain't luck
    When you're here with me, yeah
    Hop up in the tub
    I can give you rub
    I can give you love
    I can make you say yeah
    Call it what you wanna call it
    I'm a ****ing workaholic
    I've been on and
    On and on and
    I've been puttin in my time
    My grind, my love, my shine
    My light, woo
    You know it's my time, my life
    You know it's the ride
    I ride, oh
    Hop up in the vibe
    Know I'm sippin
    You know in the bed
    I'm the one with the ticket
    I ain't trippin shrooms
    It'd **** with the vision
    Need to spend some time
    Yeah you love when I'm grippin
    Love when you stay
    Home with me yeah
    I been tippin on fours
    With it yeah
    On the road on tour
    You've been waiting so long for me yeah
    They've been feeding lines like
    They been trying me
    You see em all try
    You pay em no mind
    Talk is getting hot
    Toss the top
    Make that ***** pop
    Drop it lower, lower
    Lower, lower yeah
    You've been makin
    Me hot with the talk
    What ya got
    Drop for me lower, lower
    I've been singing
    All these songs
    You been sittin
    All alone at home
    On your phone
    Scrolling through these faces
    Youdon't even know
    Hit you with that old ringtone
    You should stop by I'm home
    I feel out of my body
    You know I'm about to get naughty
    You know these Texas boys
    Know how to roll
    We've been on the road
    I've been doing shows
    I'm just getting back
    To my old goals
    I was doing things
    Yeah I had to switch it
    You know I was King
    I was taking pictures
    Out there havin' fun
    Tryin get some funds
    I was being dumb
    Now I'm done with that
    Switchin the vision
    You know that it's time
    Holding you up
    Am I holding you right
    You stand in the dirt
    With me every time
    You're lifting me up
    When I don't have my shine yeah
    You put the buff on me yeah
    You shine me up
    You put the cuffs on me yeah
    You made love to me yeah
    You're my muse
    So don't **** with me
    You make the buzz come alive
    Dopamine in my mind
    Know I'm fine
    Let it all release out on a vine
    Let it all release out know it's time
    Write it down
    Put your feelings in a note
    Put it in a boat
    And then push it all away
    With the waves it'll go
    You know it'll float all away
    We don't do drinks
    We do bottles
    We just hit that
    In full throttle
    I've been on it like full auto
    Livin on the edge
    We hit the lotto
    I copped a feel
    And it made me deal
    All the words
    That I wanted to say in my brain
    You know I'm insane
    You know I am crazy
    You know I might go all the way yeah