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  • Title:All the Time
  • Artist:SoMo
  • Album:A Beautiful November
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    You say you're guarded
    I hate these pardons
    You don't know what that does to me
    Think that you're hardened
    I left you heartless
    Told you I'd be there then I just leave
    I been living fantasies
    Blurred out all the things that you like
    Don't need the finer things
    You don't want it all
    Just wanna be my wife
    Girl we made a baby, what'd you thank me for?
    You gave me her life, gave me worlds, gave me hope
    Gave me all I wanted, gave me love, gave me more
    Love her all the time
    Need you both or I'm broke
    So, stay here right by my side
    Love me all the time
    Say you'll love me all the time, oh no
    Don't say no, no, no, no, no, no
    You say you're haunted
    Tore up a promise
    Guess that's the part of the story that's darkest
    Tried to protect you as if I could see