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  • Album:? (Deluxe)
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    作曲 : Jahseh Onfroy/Ronald Spence Jr./Rico Nasty
    作词 : Jahseh Onfroy/Ronald Spence Jr./Rico Nasty
    Oh my God, Ronny
    Oh she ratchet, I might smash her
    Bend that backwards, I might pass her
    Homie on Casper, geekin' like Dexter
    I do magic, no distraction
    Yeah, my flow's on Destructo Disc, too afraid to cuff a *****
    These boys on that sucker ****, feature price went up as **** like
    "Oh, big deal, are you Satan?"
    I reply like, "Are you playin'?"
    Slurp on ***** like Lo Mein
    I'm Progressive like Flo, man
    Therapist knocking at my ******* door, man
    My body just look like G.I. Joe, man
    Feds askin' questions, I don’t ******* know man
    Kim Jong Un to the ******* flow, man
    Like whip, lash like whip, lash like whip, lash like whip, mhm
    Diamond baller, broke my shoulder
    She wan' **** (Ayy) but can't come over (Ayy)
    When I met your shorty, hit the running man, mhm
    Hopped out of jail, made a hunnid bands, mhm
    KKK, I'm just hanging, man, mhm
    Chris Rock, *****s acting funny, man
    My money stretching like Luffy, uh
    Like Disney, these *****s is Goofy, uh
    I don't **** with snakes but like Gucci, uh
    These *****s act fool for some coochie, uh
    I will not go back to jail, uh
    These *****s is blind, need braille, huh
    Watch how I switch, watch how I switch
    Nut on her, switch, watch how I- mhm
    *****, where the **** is your energy? Cannot mimic your enemy
    Play pawn defending me, I can palm you *****s
    'Cause I warned you *****s, I never swung you *****s
    I don't need no ************* shoulders to lean on
    Way I ditch her *****, I treat it like ding dong
    Harder than the Kim Possible theme song
    Yeah re- real quick
    I just- I just really wanted to say all you rappers suck
    Bend that backwards, she sing like pastor
    Yeah, my flow's on Destructo Disc,
    Too afraid to cuff a *****
    These boys on that sucker ****,
    Feature price went up as **** like
    I ain't never asked for a handout
    But I came up, now everybody got a hand out (Whoa)
    I just got my truck on matte red,
    With a five percent tint (Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa)
    And them rims blacked out
    Everybody 'round me gon' wait 'til I blackout
    Put the ***** on him, make a ***** tap out
    Just say where, and my *****s pop out
    If you don't get the picture, we crop you out
    They givin' out ***** for shout-outs (What?)
    These lil' ******* live in my shadow (What?)
    They see me in person and panic (What?)
    My diamonds the color of candy
    I'm used to shockin' these ******* like Pikachu
    Don't run away from me when I run into you
    It can get surgical, personal (Whoa)
    Everything I do be goin' up, I'm on my vertical
    Yes, I'm a girl, I go harder than *****s do (Hmm)
    I'm in a Benz, that's the color of Fruity Loops (Hmm)
    My calendar's been lookin' so beautiful
    How is you hatin' on me from a cubicle?
    I got more money than you on my cuticle (*****)
    When I pull up, all the ******* like, "Aah!"
    Only leave the house when I'm pickin' up a (Bag)
    Got a short temper, don't make me (Mad)
    Stop the comparisons, that **** embarassin'
    ******* at home, I just got back from Paris
    And they got to check it wit' me like I'm parents
    You got to be quicker than that (Oh yeah)
    I been trying to tell these *****s
    I got- I got the Krabby Patty formula man
    Come **** with me!