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  • Title:God Bless the Internet
  • Artist:SAINt JHN
  • Album:Collection One
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    Maybe I should not be drinkin', before you ask me just how I feel
    Maybe I should not be drinkin', 'fore I speak my mind, that's not ideal
    Yeah I got a girlfriend, yeah I should be faithful
    And I think of you like Wi-Fi, and I think of her like cable
    Last night I got a offer for a 100G's
    No lie, they tryna' pay me just to run and breath
    I remember Mickey D's for the number three's
    And I remember T.J. MAXX, for the summer tees
    I remember wearing dunks in the dungarees
    And the GAP boxer-brief *****, underneath
    Countin' on my name, brand clothes, one at least
    Now I need those Gucci sneaks, at least one a piece
    She's on my ****, she knows me from somewhere on TV, and she saw me on the internet
    I only let her give me brain, what can I say, I love her intellect
    She understands that I am on the come up, so she sees the benefit
    She wants to hold on tighter so she let's go of my waist for a better grip
    Please don't, please don't
    Two or no less in a threesome
    Let me know if you need some
    Drop it low unless your knees don't, work
    But I think of you like Wi-Fi, and I think of her like cable
    I met a girl on the plane, and I don't even pretend to know her name
    And I told I ain't into Lois Lane
    And she told me the *** is sorta like a Novacane
    And she likes to overtrain, woah
    Then I told her "Slow the lane"
    Then I told her "Baby you might wanna show restraint"
    Then I told her "**** it, whatchu' know, it's all the same"
    You got some **** to overcome, so I really hope you came, whey
    White wines, baby white lies
    This is my time, know me well from my timeline
    But I think of you like Wi-Fi, and I think of her like cable, woo
    Baby, Baby Brenda got a baby
    And you came from the 80's
    And they call a ***** wavy