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  • Artist:SAINt JHN
  • Album:Collection One
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    Yes,it's good
    Yeah, yeah, whoa
    Pull up on em' like this
    I pull up on em' like this
    God bless the ratchets
    B!tches s3xy, pornographic
    A b!tch bad, that ain't average
    Stuffin' packets in their mattress, hey
    She want it, gotta have it
    She a savage, no compassion
    Bad b!tches pull up on the westside
    Bra$$in 'em, they can the let the lead fly
    N!gga comin' straight up out the Bed-Stuy
    Burn this motherfvcker like it's Left Eye
    14 fvckin' karats see the gold
    B!tches, you don't want them to overload
    You might have to pull up on the road
    I do it all, I took my oath
    All my n!ggas they be with me
    All my n!ggas they will let that motherfvcker fly
    Won't let a n!gga forget me
    N!gga do or die, do or die
    N!gga homicide
    You ever seen a fvckin' b!tch with just way too much Gucci on? She might call the shots on you
    30-inch weave, n!gga she could call the whole fvckin' block on you
    Pull another dough, never took patrol
    Always took my hoe, pullin' this is slow-mo
    Pullin' down the road, racin' through the coke
    N!gga know my name, like it Domino's
    ******* s3xy, pornographic
    It's me and my compadres
    I don't gotta do too much these days
    Me and my compadres
    You don't want them blah-blah-blah-blah be here
    Ridin' til I die
    I'm chasin' all them n!ggas from July
    Screamin' homicide, homicide
    'Till all of it's combined