• Title:Sweet Home Chicago
  • Artist:Jack/Elwood/The Blues Brothers Band
  • Album:The Blues Brothers (Soundtrack)
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  • Uploador:WarMachine666
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    " Sweet Home Chicago "
    Jack/Elwood/The Blues Brothers Band

    Come on!,
    Baby!, don't you wanna go,
    Oh baby!, don't you wanna go,
    Back to that same old place
    Sweet home Chicago.
    (Come on!),
    (Baby don't you wanna go),
    (Back to that same old place)
    (Oh sweet home!, Chicago).
    Well, one and one is two,
    Six and two is eight,
    Come on baby!, don't ya make me late.
    (Sweet home Chicago).
    (Oh come on!),
    (Guitar solo)
    Six and three is nine,
    Nine and nine is eighteen,
    Look there brother baby and see what I've seen.
    Baby don't you wanna goo-oooo!,
    (My sweet home Chicago).
    (Sax solo)
    (Trumpet solo)
    (Piano solo)
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