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  • Title:Here, There And Everywhere
  • Artist:The Beatles
  • Album:Revolver
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    " Here, There And Everywhere "
    The Beatles

    (Uuuu)-To lead a-(uuuuh!)-better life
    (Uuuuuuu)-I need my love to be here-(uuu-uuuuh!)
    (Uuuuu)-making each day-(uuh!)-of the year,
    (Uuuu)-changing my life-(uuuuh!)-with the wave-(uuuuu)-of her hand-(uuuh!),
    (Uuuuu)-nobody can-(uuuuh!)
    Deny-(uuuu)-that there's-(uuuuh!)-something there.
    (Uuuuu)-running my hands-(uuh!)-through her hair,
    (Uuuu)-both of us thinking-(uuuuh!)-how good-(uuuuu)-it can be-(uuuh!),
    (Uuuuu)-someone is speaking-(uuuuh!)
    But she-(uuuu)-doesn't know-(uuuuh!)-he's there-(uuu-uuuuuh!)
    I want her everywhere
    And if she's beside me I know I need never care,
    But to love her is to need her-(uuuu)-everywhere-(uuuuuh!)
    (Uuuuu)-knowing that love-(uuh!)-is to share,
    (Uuuu)-each one believing-(uuuuh!)-that love-(uuuuu)-never dies-(uuuh!),
    (Uuuuu)-watching her eyes-(uuuuh!)
    And hoping-(uuuu)-I'm always-(uuuuh!)-there-(uuu-uu-uuuh!)
    (Uuuu)-each one believing-(uuuuh!)-that love-(uuuuu)-(never dies)-(uuuh!),
    (Uuuuu)-watching (her eyes)-(uuuuh!)
    And hoping-(uuuu)-I'm always-(uuuuh!)-there-(uuu-u-uuuh!)
    I will be there-(uuu-uuuuuh!)
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